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Reddit Snoo Profile Pictures

Reddit has been experimenting with different NFT-related projects for a long time, even building a distinct page for NFT-related activities at nft.reddit.com. For the time being, the website focuses mostly on Reddit's own digital collectibles, the CryptoSnoos. The Snoo component of the name relates to Reddit's extraterrestrial mascot, Snoo, while the collectibles are variants on Snoo's image. One portrays the mascot as a blocky person, while another as a helium balloon. So yet, just four CryptoSnoos have been published.

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Reddit's mascot is a Snoo, the small alien with the crooked antenna you see everywhere. Many subreddits contain personalized Snoos, whether drawn or photoshopped, and many Snoos are developed by the community! We want the sub Snoo to represent secrets without using violence. What is a competition without a prize? The selected winner will get a special user flair as well as a Reddit Gold award on a post or comment. Even if you think your Snoo looks like ice cream in an oven, send it in! Participation may result in awards... ;)

Users of the microblogging service may now use NFTs as profile photographs, thanks to a new option. On Twitter, NFT profile shots show hexagons rather than the circular form afforded by traditional profile photographs. Tapping on the photographs reveals details about the artwork and who owns it. In June 2021, Reddit launched CryptoSnoo NFTs. Limited-run NFTs are created via the Ethereum platform. On January 27 at 4:57 p.m. IST, the price of Ethereum in India was Rs. 1.98 lakh. According to Reddit, CryptoSnoos are among the most groundbreaking events in art history. When a user purchases a CryptoSnoo NFT and links it to their Reddit account, the NFT's image becomes the user's avatar on the social media network. Users also get a collectible NFT card on their profile, and their comments have an animated glow. Snoo, as in CryptoSnoo, is the alien mascot of Reddit. The NFTs are a kind of Snoo mascot.

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