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Downtown Mountain View: According to reports, the area along Castro Street from the Embarcadero to the Villa is an excellent spot to play, however I have yet to confirm this post-pandemic. San Mateo Central Park: According to Peacetail, a member of the SF PoGO Raids Meetup Discord, this location has numerous stops and a large amount of people playing on Community Day.

During Pokemon Go Community Days, I saw a bunch of pocket monsters all the way from the Ferry Building to SF Fireboat Station 35. That half-mile stroll, which includes a journey along Pier 14, is lined with at least five gyms and a dozen Pokestops. The spawns are decent in the region, and there are lots of historical buildings and landmarks to view. Another interesting area to visit is Yerba Buena Gardens, which has multiple stations but not as many gyms. It has a fair number of spawns in that region, but it's also a nice place to rest and catch if you need a break.

Ive never seen so many people roaming aimlessly around the park as I did last night, said Schoolcraft, 64, who was catching Pokemon in downtown San Jose.

Schoolcraft is one of several people suffering from Pokemon Go-related injuries: While playing at night, he almost twisted his ankle. I was stepping off the sidewalk and colliding with plants.

Pinole: From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the organization North510 CRHP will conduct a Piplup Community Day at Fernandez Park. 3-hour lures, a tent, water, and snacks are all included. Team Rocket Pokemon Go will host their event at Lake Elizabeth Park in Fremont. From 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., the group will lure the area up.

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