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Reddit Beasts Of No Nation

The acting was really excellent. I enjoyed Elbas performance and had no complaints about Attah's performance (which is a compliment because finding a good child actor is very difficult). The fundamental problem I have with the film is that its loss of innocence topic was handled in a manner that didn't seem very original. This issue, notably children placed in violent settings, has been handled better in films such as Come and See, City of God, and Ivans Childhood. My problem isn't that this film didn't try to be creative, but that the concepts weren't handled in a manner that made the picture stand out. This film, for example, has one of those tired situations in which the child is urged by his group's leader to perform his first murder. He just has to fire the trigger since the victim has already been caught. This sort of scenario has been seen before, thus its presence in the film should not surprise the spectator. City of God has one of these scenarios, but it added its own distinctive embellishments that elevated it.

Though not the most well-known of Stephen King's writings, his short novella Gerald's Game served as the right blueprint for Mike Flanagan's modest and unnerving horror film. Carla Gugino plays a lady whose husband dies unexpectedly, leaving her chained to the bed and fighting for her life. The straightforward idea allows for a one-of-a-kind and dramatic thriller that is unexpectedly successful. One Redditor described it as "really horrifying," and several horrific moments will undoubtedly make viewers cringe.

The two main performances are vital to the film's strength and success. It's difficult to imagine how a child actor could be coached to reveal and project the enormous range of reactions and emotions required for the role of Agu, but Attah is convincing and true, and constantly interesting to watch as a boy forced to endure extremes of experience that no one would wish on anyone. Without a competent child at its heart, the film would not have been worth filming, and the filmmaker found him. Starting with what could have been a cliched figure of a charismatic egotist lording over a swarm of helpless children, Elba gradually reveals more and more layers of his troubled character, to the point where the Commandant takes on Shakespearean proportions as a Macbeth-like figure who may not have what it takes to be a completely successful and enduring despot. The performer continues pushing his persona to an unexpected conclusion, never taking the easy way out.

In addition, the greatest young actors I've ever seen. Of course, Idris Elba and the rest of the adult ensemble are terrific, but the young performers are wonderfully natural. They're not odd in any sense; they just make the movie's environment appear more authentic. It's unfortunate that fewer people saw it since AMC, Regal, and Cinemark opted to boycott it. If you have the opportunity to watch it, I strongly suggest it. It's a film that will transform your life.

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