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Picture Of David And Goliath Fighting

A potsherd discovered near Qeiyafa in 2008 included some of the earliest Semitic lettering ever discovered in Israel. The Qeiyafa Ostracon has five lines of somewhat visible lettering with some fading spots. Attempts by various experts to read the inscription produced a variety of interpretations, the most common of which were the phrases for God, judge, servant or slave, and king or kingdom. According to a press release issued by Haifa University, this piece is a societal message on slaves, widows, and orphans. It employs Hebrew-specific verbs such as 'asah (did) and 'avad (worked), which are uncommon in other regional languages. Certain terms in the text, such as almanah (widow), are unique to Hebrew and are transcribed differently in other languages.

This apology, I believe, was made to defend David's authority as king of Judah in Hebron while attempting to win over the northern tribes. David's apology positively demonstrates why he is the anointed, legitimate, honorable, father-honoring excellent shepherd and warrior who is Israel's rightful ruler. The apology also clarifies some of the misconceptions about David that were probably prevalent at the time (why David escaped Saul, why he served King Achish of Gath, why David did not attend Saul's defeat by the Philistines, why David did not slay Abiathar or Ishbosheth, and so on).

David and Goliath's Life Lessons

David's confidence in God allowed him to see the giant in a new light. Goliath was only a mortal man who dared to challenge an all-powerful God. David saw the war through the eyes of God. When we look at huge issues and seemingly insurmountable circumstances through God's eyes, we understand that God will battle for us and with us. When we place things in their appropriate context, we can see more clearly and fight more effectively.

The army of King Saul camped on one hill, while the army of the Philistines camped on the other. They were separated by a valley. Every morning and evening, a colossal Philistine called Goliath would enter the valley and scream at the Israelites. Goliath would exclaim, "The Philistines are better than the Israelites!" Select a guy and command him to come down and fight me. We shall become your slaves if he can murder me. If I murder him, the Israelites will be forced to become slaves to the Philistines.

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