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Oliveira Vs Chandler Reddit

Chookagian, who is struggling with his range, steps into a left hook. They talk in the middle. Araujo delivers yet another powerful check hook. Shot of the body. She shoots with one minute remaining. They remain on the fence till the bell rings. To begin round two, they exchange left hooks. Teep slaps Araujo in the buttocks, but Chookagian fails to capitalize. Her low kick connects. Araujo's check hook was answered with a side kick. So far, a minute in, Chookagian has landed better. Araujo's right to the body. She grabs a body kick and puts Chookagian in side control. As Araujo searches for a guillotine, Chookagian regains half guard. We're two minutes in. After losing the choke, Araujo gains full mount. With two minutes to go, I'm looking for the arm triangle.

The UFC 262 pay-per-view (PPV) stats are in, and they are substantially higher than anticipated.

Charles Oliveira knocked out Michael Chandler in the main event of UFC 262 on May 15th from inside a sold out Toyota Center in Houston, Texas (highlights HERE). It was Oliveira's tenth consecutive victory inside the Octagon and his first crack at UFC gold in over a decade with the organization.

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