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Morga proceeded to asphyxiate Naru and threaten to murder her mother until Sailor Moon appeared at the shop, revealing her actual identity in a fairly brutal way. Morga reawakened her afflicted individuals to protect her in her real Youma form. She is vanquished when Sailor Moon's scream produces Supersonic Waves from her hair pieces, briefly incapacitating Morga and the injured people, allowing her to use her Moon Tiara Action to kill Morga. Everyone at the jewelry shop, including Naru's mother, is resurrected, thinking that all that transpired was a dream. Trivia

Usagi, being the protagonist and leader, has unique and powerful abilities not shared by the other characters in the series. Sailor Moon Kick is one of her physical assaults, which are mainly one-offs and are not always effective. Her "Supersonic Wave" (, Chouonpa) method comprises her red hairpieces serving as an amplifier for her screaming.

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