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Marines United Photos Reddit

"One year later, not much has changed," Cuomo said on Twitter. "Policies are fine, but unless there is a profound cultural shift inside the military, they are only a piece of paper. We demand action from the Department of Defense." The Department of Defense (DOD) monitors social media for sexual harassment and abuse, but acknowledges it is difficult to keep up with the growing number of sites. It seems that it was unaware of the new site until Vice News informed it.

The Commandant of the Marine Corps is sending a message to the Corps by making a public speech. It communicates to his soldiers that he is directly facing the problem and that there will be consequences. With many members of the Marines United group laughing at law enforcement and continuing to abuse female Marines, I believe this is the last straw for the Marine Corps and its social media misbehavior. My opinion is that the Corps will drop the hammer this time, and drop it hard. By this time next year, we'll most likely see a dozen Marines United members in jail.

According to the source, another Marines United 214 member with the pseudonym Chandra Viswas is directing the advertising operation that hawks picture sets on AlphaBay.

Viswas wrote on March 15 that this exists as a reminder. We've sold thousands of copies, and the material is breathtaking. Find us on AlphaBay, the deep web. Viswas' screenshot from AlphaBay claims to include 31.8 terabytes from the Marines United library, which includes images, movies, and webcam recordings.

Many Facebook groups descended from the original group are accessible on the open web. Marines United is still active as a private organisation. Marines United is comparable to Marines United 214, Marines United 3.0, Marines United 4.0, and Scuttle Butt. The Himalayas, The Himalayan Cult, Marines Unchained, and Fn Knife Hands are four additional organizations that share sexual material on female military personnel.

Marines United Photo Dump Reddit

The event was arranged by PoM Child and Youth Services and took place on April 23 at the General Stilwell Community Center at Ord Military Community. Every April, members of the military community and others acknowledge the fortitude, dedication, and sacrifice of military children as they serve our nation as members of a military family. Families with small children flocked to the event, which included a PoM fire engine, a PoM police car, a cement truck, a dump truck, a USPS delivery truck, and numerous more vehicles. LaToya Maben, outreach director for Child and Youth Services and one of the event's organizers, said that this was the installation's first Touch-A-Truck event, but organizers aim to make it an annual tradition.

and inform her that her photos are all over reddit I doubt a Marine would intentionally share photographs like these. I'm not going to put them here since you horndogs can probably find them elsewhere. Here she is, completely dressed... http://i.imgur.com/GfSDC.jpgEdit: I seem to have misjudged the r/military redditor's nobility. Sigh.

Since last March, when the online news service War Horse revealed that 30,000 people had joined a now-defunct Facebook group called Marines United, where active-duty and veteran Marines shared nude photos of female servicemembers and others, made derogatory comments about them, and threatened some of the women, the military has struggled to deal with servicemembers' social media behavior.

On March 7, 2017, three days after the initial Marines United report, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller responded to the scandal in a video, telling Marines to focus on training to fight adversaries rather than hiding on social media or participating in or allowing online activities that disrespect or harm their fellow servicemembers.

First and foremost, I'd want to introduce myself. I'm a Marine Corps combat veteran with many deployments. I was severely injured and am now retired. I normally avoid Facebook because it becomes gloomy with all of the men I know on there. Half of what's there is Corps or Afghan-related. I got added to the Marines United group. Because the organization had over 50,000 members, many of the individuals on this sub were also members. I didn't mind. It was just another bunch. I decided to go look at the group one day. What I discovered was a group of nice people discussing about Marine topics. Cool. They were, however, in the minority. The great majority of the things uploaded were images of ladies posted without permission, revenge porn, scary stalker-like shots of girls snapped in public, rape talk, racist remarks, and just simple garbage.

Marines United Pictures Reddit

"One year later, not much has changed," Cuomo wrote on Twitter. "Policies are fine, but until there is a profound cultural shift within the military, they are merely a piece of paper. We demand action from the Department of Defense." The Department of Defense (DOD) monitors social media for sexual harassment and bullying, but admits it is difficult to keep up with the growing number of sites. It appears that it was unaware of the new site until Vice News informed it.

13. They were reborn The Marine Corps was disbanded after the Revolutionary War and went dark for 15 years. It celebrated its birthday on July 11th, 1798, until 1921, when Maj. Edwin North McClellan sent Commandant John A. Lejeune a memorandum requesting that the original November 10th date be declared a Marine Corps holiday. 14. Marines, stand up! Marines, whether active duty, retired, or veterans, always stand at attention when the Marines Hymn is played.

Marines United 3.0 Photos Reddit

of the Army's tactics, techniques, and procedures. FM 3-0 aligns the Army's strategic roles (shaping the operational environment, preventing conflict, conducting large-scale combat, and consolidating gains) with the range of military operations conducted by the Army. The manual is a single-source doctrinal foundation that describes unified land operations in the context of current operational environments (land, air, maritime, cyberspace, and space).

"Every Mobile Division audiobook that we produce meets or exceeds industry standards." TADLP's Mobile Division Chief, Matt McLaughlin, stated Our audiobooks are read by professional broadcasters and recorded in modern studios to ensure a quality experience for the listener. Doctrine combined with convenience, portability, and an intuitive interface is very appealing to both young and old Soldiers, and the comments we see online are extremely complimentary and motivating - soldiers refer to these audiobooks as Game-changers and share the links on social media with comments like These [audiobooks] are the best idea the Army has had since DFAC Thanksgivings, which makes everyone on our team very happy. McLaughlin explained. The audiobook FM 3-0 Operations is available for any personal mobile device

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