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Lsd Vs Shrooms Reddit

Hello everyone. I'm going to take LSD for the first time this weekend. I use cannabis on a regular basis and have tried shrooms maybe 5 times. Trips ranging from 1.5 to 7 gram. I adore the shroom excursion. I'm simply curious how LSD and mushrooms compare. I'm a little scared about my first vacation, but I'm also eager. I'm receiving two LSD hits and deciding whether to take both or just one for now. Any suggestions, as well as first-timer advice, would be much appreciated. Thank you very much!

Please keep in mind that the dose of LSD you are accustomed to may not be correct. e.g. You may be habituated to taking 4 tabs and believing that they are 100 ug each tab when they are really 50 ug per tab, causing the calculator to give you a shrooms dose that is twice as high as it should be. Please take this into consideration while converting. References

Here's an interesting truth! Did you know that, despite the 20-hour time limit, most users report LSD excursions as more quicker than shroom trips? Magic mushrooms and truffles both stimulate serotonin receptors, although their paths are somewhat different. To reach the brain, psilocybin must first be broken down by your liver into psilocin, which may take 15 minutes to an hour. Psilocin enters the bloodstream, travels to the brain, and then short-circuits the amygdala, which is responsible for fear processing. Have you ever wondered why psilocybin is so good in treating severe anxiety? You finally understand! Psilocybin also disrupts the synaptic connection between the anterior and fronto-insular cortices, resulting in ego death (or the strange feeling of losing yourself). On a typical dosage, you lose track of time for 4 to 6 hours. Perhaps some moderate hallucinations, color-sound switcheroos. The actual reward, though, is a feeling of pure knowledge and clarity. After all, legend has it that mystical truffles were the true Philosophers Stones in medieval alchemy. Perhaps Merlin was, after all, the first psychonaut.

Lowering the dose makes it much gentler. It's really not necessary to push it with mushrooms. Back when mushrooms were legal, everyone in my group got their first psychedelic experience on mushrooms, and nobody had any difficulties with 1-2 g doses. And there were many adventures. In fact, hardly one tried to press it any further. I'm not sure where this notion that one must take a 1/8 to have a "good" experience came from. Problems will arise simply by increasing the dosage. The Dutchmen who wrote the packaging leaflet on the mushroom packets were experts in their field. These folks were pros, and they understood why they didn't recommend such a large amount....

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