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Killugon Fanart Gon And Killua Ship

Following that, they prepare and finally face off against Knuckle and Shoot in order to acquire the opportunity to return to the Chimera Ant Arc. Biscuit, their other mentor, gives Killua an ultimatum: if he can't overcome Shoot, 'he should leave Gon's side.' In his struggle with Knuckle, Gon briefly loses his nen, while Killua loses his bout with Shoot. Killua then concludes that 'he will have to leave Gon's side,' but he resolves to remain with Gon until he regains his nen in order to protect him.

This has a real probability of occurring, in my opinion. There is a lot of data to support this. Killua blushes whenever gon refers to him as "wonderful" or his "best buddy." Some would say that it's because Killua had never had a friend before, but when the octopus person also proclaimed him great, Killua didn't quiver or flush. Are we forgetting that Killua said that he would commit a lover's suicide for gon? This is often found in Japanese stories in which two loves commit suicide for one another. It may be a case of friendship suicide, but it is exceedingly improbable. I believe Killua might have a one-sided infatuation on Gon, and I would love for them to become a canon couple.

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