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K Project Characters Red Clan

However, he remained oblivious to how the proposal may influence the Red King, even admitting that it was a good one. Reisi is fond of doing jigsaw puzzles in his leisure time. As a member of SCEPTER4, Reisi possesses control over lightning, immersing himself in a blue tint. When exercised, the aura possesses the protective capacity to shield him and his minions from a direct onslaught from the flames of Mikoto Suoh, renowned as the king of HOMRA and an exceedingly formidable opponent.

Green Clan- Members of the Green Clan possess this green tinted Aura. This Aura has the capacity to induce lightning and fire the targets. They also have the capacity of a type of manipulation of physics which enables them to phase through things and even walk horizontally on vertical surfaces. This power is only provided to respected members. Power wise, the Green King's Aura is presently one of, if not the most, potent. Gray Clan- The King of the Grey Clan has this grey-colored Aura. This Aura has the capacity to generate fog and mist. This aura is described as having the attribute of "absolute protection".

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