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K Michelle If It Ain T Love

Michelle recently expressed her desire for R. Kelly to be free so that he could assist lead her career on Twitter. She added, "If Rob was here, I swear so many of my musical questions would be solved." If you have a mentor, you should learn as much as possible musically, but I took so many days of learning for granted, never knowing what would happen to him. However, as Complex noted, she faced a lot of wrath for the same. R Kelly has a history of sexual crime claims against him and is presently incarcerated at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, facing up to life in prison if convicted on federal charges. Among the various accusations include abduction, forced labor, child sexual exploitation, child pornography creation, and obstruction of justice. However, as Complex points out, Michelle attempted to excuse herself even after the reaction. She said on Twitter, "No regrets, I speak what I say." It is not my problem if folks did not pay attention in elementary school and do not understand that I am not supporting anybody. I'm talking about MY LIFE, MY STORY. No living human will deny me my God-given right to feel.

So you do this behind my back after I aid you, and then you negotiate a $500 contract. You know how much money I could have gotten you if you had gone (sic_ via me? For you and your children to feature on the show? I would have sought to obtain at least three to $5,000 for each infant. However, you went behind my back. Tannae's boyfriend requested a separate contract in addition to negotiating a deal with Love and Hip Hop behind K. Michelle's back. He's begging for a contract like he's got a uterus! K. Michelle wonders why you're even involved in this. He does all of the talking. He still wants to be a rapper, according to his famous mother.

When the baddest bitch talks, I see no falsehoods. I'm excited for them to hear our new nvm. https://t.co/tgNvrv8QF0 June 22, 2017 NICKI MINAJ (@NICKIMINAJ) Aside from the expectation of a potential Dang A Lang follow-up track, this is the rapper's second single building up to the release of his sixth studio album, The One. Not to add, the Miami native was featured on Missy Elliott's Im Better remix. It's important not to examine the lyricist's bag, since Trina is usually bringing [back] a check.

K. Michelle's third album confirms her status as one of R&B's straightest talkers, with her strong vocals and quick rapping making her jaw-droppingly honest lyrics fall even harder. The gospel-tinged breakup song Time presents a more pained portrayal of love gone wrong, while Nightstand is a stinging condemnation of men who fail to live up to K. Michelle's ideals. K. Michelle's brazen, outspoken demeanor propels her fiery brand of soul, whether she's calling out those who have harmed her or looking for inner strength.

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