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Inazuma Reputation Unlock Reddit

You may improve your reputation in Inazuma in a variety of ways. World Exploration is the first of them. By exploring this new region and solving riddles, unlocking teleport destinations, discovering mysteries, and doing other similar tasks, you will gradually improve your reputation. The second method is to complete tasks in Inazuma. Quests such as Orobashis Legacy, Tatara Tales, the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual, and others fall within this category. The third method is to make Requests. You may accomplish up to three of them every week, which require things like beating certain foes. The fourth and last option is to complete Bounties. You may accomplish three of them every week, and they provide you 60/80/100 reputation gain. It is recommended accepting the 100 bounties the most in order to enhance your reputation level. Continue Reading Below

Don't travel to Inazuma with the intention of stocking up on Mora and adventure books. The prizes from missions, chests, and other activities mount up quickly, allowing you to utilize resin in other areas. The mission rewards alone will cost you roughly 1 million Mora. It's not much, but it makes a difference. The Anemo and Geo sigils we traded to shop and then Mora are much less valued than the electrical sigils. Those are traded to the Sakura tree in the same way as Agates were given to Frost in Dragonspine. Rewards seem to be rather excellent as well, and include both Acquaints and Intertwineds.

After that, he'll drop indications about a previous event he was engaged in and his desire for vengeance. That is all you can do for the time being. Battle of Revenge is a World Quest that, like Tatara Tales, has real-world time limitations. However, there is no clue or indication of this in-game. Once time has elapsed, the Battle of Revenge World Quest marker will emerge in Inazuma City.

Butter crab recipe 8th Electroculus Resonance Stone Crafting Blueprint: Allows you to detect neighboring Electroculi in Inazuma. Electro Treasure Compass 9 Forging Blueprint This function allows you to locate neighboring treasure boxes in Inazuma. The official website sells 10 Glider: Wings of the StormtstriderGenshin Impact. See our guidelines and feature center for additional information.

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