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Gon And Killua Fanart Grown Up

EREN JAEGERI, EREN JAEGERI, EREN JAEGERI, In Attack On Titan, we follow Eren Jaeger from his traumatic youth, when he witnessed his mother being devoured by a female Titan, to his teen years as a member of the Survey Corps, hellbent on eradicating the human-munching titans from the world. We hope Eren survives to adulthood, despite the fact that his profession is the most dangerous a person can undertake in his society.

Gon can conjure an ultimate reservoir of power that rivals the Chimera Ant King by utilizing his "Vow," however he had to almost sacrifice his own life to do so. Fans have dubbed this form "Adult Gon," as Gon has grown into a much more mature and muscular version of himself, capable of using unearthly levels of speed and power. It's impossible to say whether or not he'll ever utilize this form again. Pitou getting her just desserts was soothing, but seeing Gon descend into a fugue condition was unsettling. However, this appears to be the most powerful culmination of power that Gon or any other Nen user could aspire for.

When Gon utterly crushes Killua's hands during their game of dodgeball in the Greed Island Arc, this is not the case. Gon is obliged to deploy his new Hatsu technique in order to win the match, but the only way to make it work is to put Killua in danger. Gon later explains that he knew his attack would hurt Killua, which comes as a surprise. It was absolutely uncalled for, especially because the green-haired protagonist didn't even ask Killua if it was okay to break every bone in his hands. 3 Killua was yelled at by Gon for not caring about the kite.

When the door swings open, the five are confronted with new challenges and decisions. The final examination is making a major decision between a lengthy path, which the entire group can walk but takes 45 hours to complete, and a short path, which takes only three hours but can only be taken by three of the five examinees. Killua announces that, like Leorio, he desires to continue and is willing to fight for that right with less than an hour left. With the weapons provided by the examiners, Gon devises a plan to choose the longest path and smash down the wall separating it from the shorter one. The short path turns out to be a slide that whisks all five of them to the goal just as the clock runs out. [31] The fourth stage

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