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Its design isn't overly obvious and doesn't scream GAMER!!! So I could see that working nicely in an office setting as well. If you desire, you may disable the RGB in the settings app. To summarize, this mouse is wonderful, comfy, and may surely help you aim if you previously used a mouse with a poor sensor. It has an excellent pricing point when compared to rivals, thus I highly suggest it.

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Aile appears as the Model O Rockman in the Rockman ZX Advent manga's bonus chapter. Grey, Model A, and Ashe were stunned when Aile fell from the Guardian headquarters, already megamerged with Model O, after Prometheus blasted a hole through it. Aile states she's arrived to end the conflict and recites Omega's battle cry from Mega Man Zero 3 ("I am the Messiah"). Grey is taken aback by Ashe's confusion over who she is. As Grey Megamerges with Model A, she is last seen preparing to confront Prometheus and Pandora with the other Rockmen.

The result is great performance, and the mouse's internals enable the Glorious O to keep up with the freedom provided by its low weight. It has a Pixart 3360 sensor with a resolution of up to 12,000 DPI and a report rate of up to 1000Hz. While the maximum DPI is not as high as that of top-of-the-line gaming mouse, it is still sufficient for most gamers. Overall, I found it to be quite accurate while playing games that need twitch reflexes, such as Rage 2, or games that require accuracy, such as Mordhau. When combined with the light hardware, the sensor seemed incredibly quick and sensitive. The Glorious O performs well in my opinion, but what distinguishes it, particularly in the eSports/competitive mouse environment, is its chassis. According to the PCGR website, honeycombs are the secret to the mouse's feather-light weight while preserving its ultra-durable structure, but I enjoy the aesthetic, the way they allow you see the components inside, and how the RGB LEDs shine through the body. While the form of most competing mice is straightforward, the Glorious O is special.

The Finalmouse Starlight-12 Small is the lightest mouse we've tested, at just 45 grams. It includes honeycomb cutouts on the body, an embossed filigree motif, and two side buttons on the left. It's really well-made and features a low-profile, symmetrical form that's ideal for petite hands utilizing any grip style. The top shell is made of magnesium alloy and is both lightweight and strong. The bottom, on the other hand, is constructed of a sort of plastic that allows the wireless signal to escape. You may connect it to its receiver either wired or wirelessly. Its CPI range isn't as broad as that of most other high-end gaming mouse, but it should be plenty unless you love playing with extreme sensitivity. It also includes a standard polling rate of 1000Hz, a relatively short lift-off distance, and an acceptable click latency. Its mouse feet slide extremely smoothly on mousepads or straight on surfaces, and its charging wire, which looks like paracord, is lightweight and flexible if you need to use it while charging.

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