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Doja Cat is recuperating after tonsillectomy surgery. The "Get Into It (Yuh)" singer provided an update from the hospital after surgery to remove an abscess that was causing agony. On June 16, Doja, 26, posted photographs of herself resting from her hospital bed. In another video, she attempts to rap Nicki Minaj's verse from her collaboration with Trey Songz "Bottoms Up," despite the fact that her voice isn't at its best. This is the artist's second operation in as many weeks. She had tonsil surgery in May and an abscess in her throat that "hurt a lot" removed. "The doctor just had to cut into my left tonsil. It was infected with an abscess. My whole throat is messed up, so I may have some horrible news for you all shortly "At the time, she tweeted. MUSIC TWO DAYS AGO

DMX and his family are in our thoughts and prayers.

twitter.com/NhKIx0aAyj Missy Elliott (MissyElliott) April 3, 2021 DMX has always suffered with substance abuse. He postponed a set of tour dates in October 2019 to return to a drug recovery program. DMX fans have shown their love and support at this difficult time. At this point, there is no guarantee of survival for the New York music icon, and we can only hope that this is just another hurdle in DMX's long and colorful existence.

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