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Dis Gon B Gud Chair Gif

Mr. In Da Club isn't very pleased, dude. The Queens rapper and G-Unit member smirks in this brief appearance on HBO's Entourage, in a 2009 episode titled One Car, Two Car, Red Car, Blue Car. In the scene, 50 makes a dig at Turtle, portrayed by Jerry Ferrara. Pulling up in a Rolls Royce, the rapper says some wise things about Turtle's Ferrari before nonchalantly cruising away down a Los Angeles street. It was nearly canonized to answer to someone condescendingly or with a degree of shade with a well-known response GIF.

Another Hollywood pedophile, according to the Gm. He exploits his identity to prey on high-school-aged girls in Los Angeles' poorest neighborhoods, promising them fame and money. His family operates a strip joint, where the majority of these females wind up. On a side note, he used to strip naked! Everyone in the LSA knows what I'm talking about.

Exavier Pope, an ESPN Las Vegas contributor, responded to the ABC News report with a GIF showing actor Jason Momoa unfolding a spectator chair, which became the "Dis Gon B Gud" meme. If anybody doubts Pope's support from the left's sidelines, consider this: he branded the People's Convoy for Medical Freedom a "white supremacist march." "[J]ust checking in to say I hope clarence thomas dies and his wife ginny jumps on his funeral pyre," commented Kath Barbadoro, a stand-up comedian based in New York City.

The Internet feeds on exaggeration, and the overrepresentation of black individuals in GIFing everyone's everyday difficulties plays up long-held assumptions and stereotypes about black expressiveness. When nonblack people flock to these photos, they are playing out prejudices in a way that is reminiscent of an ugly American tradition. Reaction GIFs are typically lighthearted and entertaining. Do response GIFs constitute digital blackface when black individuals are the go-to pick for nonblack users to play out their most exaggerated emotions? Teen Vogue says: "Nobody is coming to take GIFs away, and there is no prescriptive or proscriptive step-by-step protocol to follow. However, no digital action lives in a dehumanized vacuum."

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