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Deandre Swift Murder Reddit

DAndre Swift of the Detroit Lions is making headlines just before the start of the NFL season for a 'bizarre' reason. Rumors of the NFL player being involved in a murder probe swept social media. According to reports, Swift was tied to a murder thanks to an anonymous tip to the Philadelphia Police Department. "I just contacted the Philadelphia Police Department and talked with an officer in the Commissioner's Office. Over two months ago, an anonymous report was received via Tipline that implicated D'Andre Swift in a murder. Swift, according to the officer, is not being investigated at this time "a tweet stated, sparking the myth on Twitter According to sources, DAndre is not being probed in connection with any homicide.

On Reddit, [Allbright] posted on the u/LunchThreatener subreddit. To the best of my knowledge, [DAndre Swift] is not a suspect [in a supposed murder]. There were some tips turned in apparently implicating Swift, but the police department has said that he is not a suspect. Hopefully, it is nothing and Swift's name will be cleared quickly. He may wish to have his lawyer or public relations representative issue a statement on his behalf.

Three things you should be aware of straight away.

On July 4th, 2021, around 3 a.m., a murder occurred in Philadelphia that has yet to be solved. The tipline doc implicating DAndre Swift of the murder is true. The Philadelphia Police Department acknowledged the report, but Swift is not currently being investigated.

Mike Garafolo of NFL Network said Friday that he's heard similar things to Campbell, adding, "Sources have suggested D'Andre Swift is not under investigation."

I'll include this: We covered the topic extensively over the previous two days. The Philadelphia Police Department has refused to comment. According to sources, D'Andre Swift is not being investigated. There is an active murder investigation. However, there is no suggestion Swift is a suspect. https://t.co/2OvgwIxw7b Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) 09/09/2021 @MikeGarafolo

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