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David Rivera Batiz Ponce

Rivera Batiz, according to Lpez Figueroa, was a member of the criminal group known as FARC and was one of those responsible in the murder of Isadora Nieves, also known as Pinky Curvy. Lt. Col. Rolando Trinidad revealed various photos collected from security cameras near the scene of the crime that authorities claimed helped identify Rivera Batiz, including a tattoo with the name Sophia on his arm and another tattoo on his left thigh, during the same news conference. Trinidad said that the photographs were reviewed by an expert to ensure that the individual slain was likewise responsible for the cops' deaths.

Lpez Rivera confirms that he is a member of the gang known as Las FARC in the metropolitan area.

His body was discovered this morning at the intersection of San Jos Street and the Luis Muoz River in Santurce, Puerto Rico. There is a reader beside the body who reads: "I am the perpetrator of the guardia assassination." Aqu est.

www.vocesdelsurpr.com is the source. Tambin is allegedly involved in it. Many urban and neg models rely heavily on the relationship between city population and pricing levels. Rivera Batiz, a 25-year-old man from the Ponce area, was accused of murdering three police officers. Paul Collier, Sachs, and Christopher Udry 106th Quarterly Journal of Economics: www.facebook.com is the source. The police have identified the guy as David Emanuelle Rivera Batiz, 25, of Ponce, as the man who was found dead this morning with a note claiming to be the assassin of the three cops killed in North Carolina. Written by Christian Broda, Joshua Greenfield, and David E. Any thoughts stated are those of the writers and the 74 research works of Weinstein.

Antonio Lpez Figueroa, commissioner of the Police Negotiation Commission, confirms that David Emanuel Rivera Batiz, the man accused of assassinating three police officers last Monday in Carolina, was also involved in the assassination of Isadora Nieves, also known as Pinky Curvy.

Pinky Curvy was shot down on Roosevelt Avenue in Hato Rey earlier this month.

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