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David Montgomery Or James Robinson Draft

Andy Webb 3 months ago BALLER MOVE: Add in 14+ Team Leagues ROSTERED: 22 percent of Leagues ANALYSIS: It hasn't been a pleasant season generally for the rookie quarterback class, but relatively speaking, Justin Fields has been well-situated of late for the non-playoff-bound Chicago Bears. Up until the middle of the year, the former standout Buckeye found little success in the... Read More RotoBrady 5 months ago

Jacobs is constantly inconsistent

Jacobs 15.7 ppg wasnt a good picture of his efforts. He got 35.9 fantasy points in Week 1 and 29.6 in Week 10. While he was a matchup-winner those weeks, think about what it implies in the other 13 weeks he played. In the other 13 matchups, Jacobs averaged 13.6 ppg, low RB2 territory.

Part 9 of a 10-part series anticipating the NFL Draft and assessing the Bears needs.

On paper, the front end of last years selection could not have worked out any better for the Bears, given their circumstances. Eyeing a running back after dealing Jordan Howard but without a first- or second-round selection they

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