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David Bowie Marc Bolan Funeral

It was a calculated move. That was true of all he accomplished. He was well aware that he was approaching the end of his life. He'd been aware of her for roughly 18 months. And he wanted to be remembered as someone who was upbeat and happy. He was in complete control of his image. Behind Bowie, he was still David Jones, whatever David Jones was (and he never changed his name by deed poll).

Nobody could have predicted that a music concert shot in Manchester in 1977 would become the uncontested king of Glam Rock Marc Bolan's epitaph.

On September 16th, the T. Rex frontman died in a car accident just six days after filming the final episode of his weekly TV show Marc at Granada Studios.

The musicians David Bowie, Rod Stewart, and Steve Harley were among those who attended Bolans' funeral at Golders Green Crematorium on September 20th.

Bowie remarked of Bolans passing, "I'm profoundly broken by it." He was a friend of mine. Marc was the greatest little giant in the world, and that is the only homage I can pay him.

T.Rex Singer's Untold Story The Relationship Between Marc Bolan and David Bowie On September 28th, 1977, the last edition of Marc, a pop music show hosted by twenty-nine-year-old pioneer glam rocker Marc Bolan, aired. Bolan and Bowie were performing "'Heroes'" at the close of the night and were about to sign out with an instrumental when Bolan fell off stage, much to Bowie's delight. Bolan died in a vehicle accident twelve days prior, so the show has an elegiac tone about it. The journey becomes doubly symbolic, as Rocks Off Mag points out, when we consider that while Bowie and Bolan were friends, rivals, and godfathers of glam rock, only Bowie was able to develop beyond glam.

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