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Circle K Big Walk Dog Lyrics

A circle in your dream signifies a life lesson or difficulty that is contributing to your inner development and spiritual progress. It might be supposed to inspire you to believe in the cycle you're in and that everything will work out if you don't quit up. It might possibly be informing you about your next spiritual steps. Circles often occur in dreams in which you are learning something, such as in a classroom or on a training field. For example, you may be a basketball player bouncing a ball. If you're afraid about being late for class, you could constantly checking the circular clock or racing around in a circle seeking for the correct classroom.

Poi Dog Pondering is an American musical ensemble known for cross-pollinating numerous musical styles, including acoustic and techno music. Frank Orrall founded the band in 1984 in Hawaii as a solo effort. PDP's debut concert was held at the Honolulu Academy of Arts in 1985, with Orrall forming the inaugural line-up. The band then went on a year-long Street Performance Busking tour throughout North America before landing in Austin, Texas in 1987 to record their first three albums. The band moved once again in 1992, this time to Chicago, Illinois, where they started to include orchestral arrangements as well as elements of electronic, house, and soul music into their Acoustic Rock sound. Poi Dog Pondering's lineup has shifted from album to album. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poi Dog Pondering

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