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KMITL began with the founding of the Nondhaburi Telecommunication Training Center on August 24, 1960, with academic assistance from the Government of Japan. Under the Columbo Plan, the training institution was renamed the Nodhaburi Institute of Telecommunications later in 1964. According to the King Mongkuts Institute of Technology Act of 1971, KMITL arose from the merger of three technical colleges: Nondhaburi Institute of Telecommunications, North Bangkok Technical College, and Thonburi Technical College. The Nondhaburi Institute of Telecommunications, also known as King Mongkuts Institute of Technology at Nondhaburi Campus, was transferred to Bangkok's Ladkrabang neighborhood the same year. Chao Khun Taharn Ladkrabang Campus was the name of the new campus. In 1972, the Nondhaburi Institute of Telecommunications was renamed the Faculty of Engineering. The College of Design and Construction in the Bangplad neighborhood was turned into the Faculty of Architecture connected with KMITL the same year.

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