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Who Sings Kiss Me Through The Phone

The irresistible chorus of this 80s hit dedicated to Jenny, whose name and phone number were posted on a wall, had us all chanting and phoning 867-5309. The number is shrouded in mystery since one of the composers, Jim Keller, claims Jenny was a real person, while the other, Alex Call, claims there was no Jenny and that the name and number merely came to him out of nowhere. Whether Jenny existed or not, the song drove many Americans who had the 867-5309 number to disconnect their phone lines in order to stop the frequent calls seeking for Jenny.

[Edit] Music video

The music video was filmed at the Kelley mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana and Atlanta, Georgia. Soulja Boy is shown going about his daily routine until his lover misses him and calls him, then records a video of herself making a kissing face on an iPhone and sends it to him.

Writing and recording [Correction] "Call Me" was written as the primary theme song for the 1980 film American Gigolo by Italian disco producer Giorgio Moroder. It's written in the key of D minor. Moroder had initially invited Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks to play a song for the soundtrack, but she was unable to do so due to a newly signed deal with Modern Records. Moroder approached Blondie's Debbie Harry and gave her an instrumental tune called "Man Machine." Harry was requested to create the words and tune, which he claims took just a few hours. [8] The songs were written from the viewpoint of the film's main character, a male prostitute. [9]

Sir-Mix-A-Lot, your baby has returned.

After losing out on Sean Don, I became a little aggressive and decided to try the 1-900-MIXALOT number provided by Sir-Mix-A-Lots. Baby has returned. There was already a successful rap song, indeed, a cultural phenomenon, instructing large bootied ladies to send their hateful thoughts to a handy phone number. One ambitious genius must have co-opted the number for a phone sex service and then retired to an island where they spend their days sipping umbrella cocktails and stumbling over trash bags full of cash.

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