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White Subway Tile Black Grout Shower

Favorite Gray GroutsAfter making my sample boards and displaying my mosaic next to them, the decision for my own kitchen was simple. I wanted my mosaic to be the star of the show, so I chose the lightest gray. But I did like many of the deeper grays I tried and would have picked one of them if I had just subway tile and no mosaic. Here's a comparison of how the various grays I tested looked against the white subway tile (the picture is Pinnable if you want to save it for a future project!):

Grout in White

White Tile with White Grout: An ever-popular combination that, although it may seem uninteresting when written, is traditional, ageless, and provides any space a clean, updated appearance. The subway tile is one of the most popular selections in the white tile category. For good reason, this has been the go-to tile for DIY home restorations (and Starbucks locations) for quite some time. It's timeless, reasonably priced, and will never go out of style. As you can see, white with white works well in this kitchen and provides it a clean and basic appearance.

Porcelain without glaze There is no glazing or other covering on the tile. Their color is the same on both the front and back of the tile, resulting in very durable tiles that do not reveal the effects of severe activity. The most frequent unglazed tiles used in heavy business environments are red quarry tiles or granite-looking porcelain ceramic tiles. Historic replicas of original tiles created between 1890 and 1930. Subway Ceramic floor tiles are composed of the best grade unglazed porcelain and are meticulously placed as one square foot sheets on a fiber mesh. A complementary black hex is also available in both sizes and by the sheet to create borders and accent patterns. Subway Ceramics provides 3/8" thick antique tile with a smooth surface and square edges. Traditional subway tile, moldings, and accessories from Subway Ceramics.

White subway tiles are the most popular and classic alternative for kitchens since they are so adaptable. Aside from the traditional staggered stack structure, these basic rectangular tiles may be set in a variety of patterns such as herringbone, chevron, vertical stacked, and basketweave. You may add visual appeal this way. White subway tiles, like a black canvas, may also function well with a variety of design styles. And these tiles provide you a lot of opportunity to experiment with various textures, materials, and colors. There are several material alternatives for incorporating this beauty into kitchens, ranging from ceramic to porcelain, glass to natural stone. If you believe these tiles are dull, keep scrolling to uncover the greatest white subway tile backsplash designs that will change your mind!

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