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White House Debuts New Maps Vacuum

Second, there are some serious, possibly fruitful subjects for debate within the clichés of the summit's existing public agenda, but they must be specified immediately. Coordination on nearshoring supply chains and establishing green, sustainable economies, for example, are practical and vital concerns for the region's economies and residents that should be included on the summit's agenda. However, the US State Department must go beyond buzzwords by proposing real collective policy suggestions for recruiting investors and engaging with the enterprises, governments, and multilateral institutions that are critical to green economies. To make the summit relevant, the Biden administration must first develop a sufficiently comprehensive, attractive agenda to entice heads of state to fly to Los Angeles, much alone publicly invite them. The White House must also seek to establish an active, on-the-ground staff of ambassadors across Latin America. A sparsely attended, platitude-driven, and substantively empty summit would be worse than an ineffective party. Many, including China, see it as an embarrassment of US hegemony in the Western Hemisphere.

Some of Mr. Biden's initiatives, such as the distribution of new at-home tests, are not expected to be implemented for many weeks, if not months, raising questions about how much they will assist in the immediate term. Most are modest moves that, according to many public health experts, fall well short of the kind of vigorous action necessary. The president is not considering mandating testing or vaccination for domestic flight passengers, and he flatly rejected on Tuesday the kinds of restrictions that some European nations have imposed in an effort to slow the spread of the new variant, which doctors say is even more contagious than previous iterations of the virus.

Samsung is in crisis mode, while competitor TSMC is constructing a $12 billion factory in Arizona to increase manufacturing capacity. Last month, Intel announced plans to spend $20 billion in two new fabrication sites in Arizona. Meanwhile, the Samsung heir is expected to face more legal challenges. Lee is likely to be released from the hospital this weekend in order to attend another trial later this month in connection with a contentious merger of two Samsung companies and accused accounting fraud.

Here's a map (700 kb) of the White House grounds, zoomed in on the region within the security cordon. This place is not accessible to the general public. (Map courtesy of OpenStreetMap.) The White House Ground Floor Map (50 kb) depicts the ground floor's few public rooms (the rest of the rooms down here are mostly for infrastructure and staff support). (Photo courtesy of ZooFari.)

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