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In conclusion, Stoker's use of traditional Gothic tropes, combined with the reader's prior knowledge of the remote and isolated setting where the story unfolds, vigorously conforms to the style of early Gothic literature; indeed, Horace Walpole's The Castle of Otranto is considered to be the first Gothic, and its remote setting paves the way for such convention's effectiveness. Stoker is effective in conveying a narrative that is well established in Gothic form by combining this aspect with others recognizable to a reader of the Gothic components of the supernatural, an untrustworthy narrator, and an aggressively sexually tone.

Melinda: I can't make you come with me, but you can't make me remain. You'll forget all we did together; not because I'm upset with you, but because I don't want this to hurt. You'll be secure here until I figure out how to stop the King, at which point I'll return. I guarantee it. Goodbye.

In the episode "Den," the rebel leader Ard. He possesses a Healing Factor that allows him to shrug off being plugged numerous times with an automatic rifle despite his little appearance and stereotyped Camp Gay speech (see page quotation above). Marvin McNasty from Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw has his flashy moments, especially when he swings his hips during his rendition of "The King of Everything." [] Visual Novels

This is the most common kind of Sequel Escalation in horror sequels. Expect the producers to run out of blood at the blood bank. This is a feature of the comedy Crosses the Line Twice and Dead Baby Comedy. There will be a lot of High-Pressure Blood. Darker and Edgier, Hotter and Sexier, Younger and Hipper are all sister tropes.

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