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Todd White Artist Wife

You know were going go for the supernatural like no before. Were going witness miracles, signs, marvels, the prophetic words of knowing. Were going to witness the most absurd miracles that DFW [DallasFort Worth] has ever seen, much alone the body of Christ has ever seen. Were going to go after this together and is going to be amazing.

Howell admitted to manufacturing hundreds of phony gicles, including providing her the name of the printer she used. She also admitted up to switching edition numbers, faking Whites signature, and decorating gicles on her own. When Howell started to weep, one of the guys gave a tissue. No, itll destroy my makeup, she replied. I admire Todd, she went on. I was tempted, I did it, and I apologize to you and him. Hes my fave artist. After signing the settlement (which Davidson had written up in advance) and showing regret, the men allege Howell supported their movers and them in removing away Whites paintings from her gallery. The guys then drove with her to grab the remainder of Whites artwork from her house. Near three A.M., Howell was alone in her home, a constellation of hooks on the wall by the piano where Playing

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