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Steven Universe Season Episode Gemcation

In Gemcation, the Crystal Gem family attempts to connect with Steven, but their wounded adolescent son isn't yet ready to open up to them. Connie has yet to return Steven's call, and despite his advise to himself to give her time, he finds it difficult to do so in practice. Greg and the Gems devise a scheme to pull Steven out to a cottage in the middle of nowhere, and Steven grudgingly agrees to join.

Everyone is naturally nervous after his return from space.

They had no clue whether he would ever return. Whereas his absence may have been more of a comedy earlier in the show's run, it is deadly serious for the rest of his family. Connie, in particular, is relieved to see Steven, although she is still heartbroken. They'd vowed to tackle any Gem dangers jointly, but Steven opted to sacrifice himself on his own. This is a really difficult, emotionally honest confrontation that is genuine to both Connie and Steven's characteristics. Of course, Steven believes that he must fix everything himself, and his protective instinct is to sacrifice himself. But he has no idea why Connie is furious. When Steven adds, It was a difficult choice for me to make, but it had to be done, he is not just downplaying her worry, but also insinuating that he was the only one with any power. Advertisement

Gemcation (S05E06) is the sixth episode of season five of "Steven Universe," which was published on Fr...

Gemcation (S05E06) is the sixth episode of season five of "Steven Universe," which aired on Friday, December 15, 2017. Over 2,257 TV Time users scored it an 18.16/10, with Shelby Rabara as Peridot, Zach Callison as Steven Universe, and Tom Scharpling as Greg Universe / Yellowtail as their favorite characters.

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