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Steal His Look Meme Anime

RELATED: 10 DC Superhero Skins for Fortnite The Game Requires This satirical deconstruction of a genre is exactly what everyone needs right now, while the gore and terrible visuals might be overwhelming. That's why it's not unexpected that the fanbase devised a method to cope and lighten the mood of the show: memes! Some of these memes are even deconstructions of superhero deconstructions, all in good fun until the following season drowns us all in sorrow once again.

"Get aid," a real fan favorite conversation, is one of the finest moments in Thor: Ragnarok. Loki and Thor debate on how to create a diversion while trying to steal a spacecraft. Thor enjoys doing what they term "get aid," while Loki despises it - but Thor always triumphs. RELATED: The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Loki: 10 Major Events That Led To The Disney+ Series

Zentisu is obsessed with finding a pretty female to call his beloved, so it's no wonder that when Tanjiro disclosed his secret of harboring demon Nezuko in the mystery box on his back, Zenitsu was furious at his buddy for holding out on him. Tanjiro may be quite possessive of Nezuko, despite Zentisu being a lovely guy. Kill Them With Kindness 10

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