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Spongebob Walking Away Meme

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When SpongeBob shows Patrick how people run away from him, instead of breathing, he exclaims, "I simply don't understand it," and then returns to Patrick normal.

Why didn't the movie theater burn down as everyone was fleeing it? There was enough stench to set it on fire.

[Three months later.]

It cut to Squidward, who was looking awful. He seemed to be wrecked. He just continued going. Even after he fell, he continued to crawl. He continued to walk away from Bikini Bottom. He just kept going. He eventually came to a halt. For a little period, his body sat still. The spirit of Squidward then departed the body. It continued. The screen then transitioned to a message. "He continued wandering because his sentence for destroying Bikini Bottom, which he imposed on himself, was to spend eternity trying to atone for his transgressions. That sandy lane will be his forever home. Until the end of time, that is." The episode was then over.

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