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Silverado Inch Lift Kit

The sturdy 4-inch powder coated steel strut extensions mount directly onto the stock strut. Then, your Chevrolet Silverado 1500 will rise higher. As a result, you can only install 3312.50 sized tires, which is a 33-inch tire. This tire size will draw the attention of other drivers on the road and will boost your confidence. This 4 Inch Lift Kit for Chevy Silverado 1500 is ideal for drivers who desire an uncomplicated installation method and enough of room for large tires. ReadyLift 69-3485 4.0 Front/1.75 Rear SST Lift Kit for 2007-2010 Chevrolet Silverado/Sierra 1500

Suspensions Tuff Country EZ-Ride Two Chevy Silverado 1500 lift kits allow for slightly wider tires and more fender clearance. This package retains a near-factory ride by using coil spring / strut spacers set above the stock coil / struts. Rear add-a-leafs are added to the existing leaf springs, or rear cast iron lift blocks are placed underneath the existing leaf springs. Fits the following years: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Unfortunately, no installation instructions are included with this product. It is thus advised that you research installation of comparable raise kits or have a technician install the package. However, if you've worked on truck suspension before, you can install this kit without a tutorial. If you want to get rid of the factory rake angle while boosting ride height on your newer Silverado, this kit from YITAMOTOR is a fantastic choice.

Introducing the first 2-inch Suspension Lift exclusively developed, built, tested, and supported by Chevrolet for the Silverado. The technology was developed by the same vehicle-level engineers that constructed the truck and was tested under the same rigorous circumstances. It will not violate the New-Vehicle Limited Warranty. Each system includes front and rear passive monotube dampers carefully adjusted to the chassis, jounce bumpers, rear leaf spring spacers, and much more for a fully integrated installation on select 2WD and 4WD Silverado models. To ensure that all driver-assist systems continue to work smoothly, a front camera reconfiguration and an Electronic Power Steering calibration are provided. Important driver-assist system feature limits and information may be found in the vehicle Owners Manual. It is advised that an authorized GM dealer do the installation.

Silverado 6 Inch Lift Kit

Starting at $1,301.08 It's time to join the big guys. With this 6" Lift Kit that allows you to clear 35" tires, you can't help but stand out. Get the appearance and performance you desire out of your 4WD Chevy/GM 1500/2500/3500 (HD) Trucks from 2001 to 2010. Another kit made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

Suspension Systems with Superlift, Bilstein 5100, or Fox 2.0 Shocks are now available:

The Superlifts 6 Inch Lift Kit for the 2011-2019 Silverado and Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD uses a NO DROP Torsion Bar relocation bracket, which maintains the torsion bar crossmember lifted and in the factory place. This design increases ground clearance at the frame for a clean appearance and prevents the torsion bar assembly from being damaged during off-roading.

If you want a high-quality raise kit for your Silverado that will provide you a significant boost in ride height and tire clearance, this kit from Rough Country is for you. This Rough Country lift kit, like the others, is guaranteed by Rough Country's Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Examine Current Prices

This high-quality 6" lift kit for the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado 2500HD is intended to increase the vehicle's off-road performance while maintaining a smooth interstate ride. The Fabtech raise kit maintains the vehicle's original load carrying capability, which is ideal for owners who use their truck for towing and hauling. The cutting-edge RTS design from Fabtech is at the core of this lift kit. The RTS is a bracket system that maintains the torsion bars in place while also generating lift. Because there are no torsion bars hanging down to get high centered on or destroyed during offroading, this innovation offers improved ground clearance at the frame. It gives the car a really clean aspect.

Silverado 4 Inch Lift Kit Before And After

Another consideration when searching for lift kits is whether you want a regular leveling kit that simply evens out suspension, an unequal lift kit that lifts and evens out suspension, or a solely a lift kit that lifts and evens out suspension. If your suspension is unequal, you'll need to measure the difference to determine how much lift you'll need. Front and rear leveling systems, as well as combination kits, are available. Finally, one of the most essential things to remember after installing a raise or leveling kit is to take your vehicle in for an alignment. Because installing a raise kit might impact the steering system and wheel alignment, you should always do it before driving the vehicle on a daily basis.

A 4-inch raise is considered typical and has little effect on mobility or gas consumption. A 6-inch raise might cost thousands of dollars more and use more gasoline, making the car less drivable. Many states consider the 2-inch discrepancy to be unlawful. Continue reading to learn more about what factors you should consider when selecting how much to boost your vehicle, if a 6-inch lift is really a 6-inch lift, and the typical cost difference.

I'm sure this isn't the first topic to include a side-by-side comparison of a raised truck and an unlifted counterpart. Last night, I assisted a buddy in installing a CCM level kit, and before we did so, I snapped a picture of my vehicle next to his. So he may have a nice before and after picture. I was thinking that a topic devoted to side by side comparisons (lifted versus stock same model) could be useful for folks deciding which lift is best for them. So here's my contribution. To the left (CCM level, Zone 1.5 and 33s) Correct (stock)

Silverado 7 Inch Lift Kit

*** NO WARRANTY ON THE POWDER COAT OR PAINT *** ONLY A ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL PARTS *** Spindles are lifetime *** McGaughys warranties all items made by them for one year from the date of initial purchase against manufacturer faults in materials or workmanship. McGaughys spindles come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults. The guarantee does not cover any goods or component that has been incorrectly installed, misused, or ignored. Warranty is restricted to the repair or replacement of the damaged component, at McGaughys' discretion, once returned to McGaughys with proof of purchase, date of purchase, and all shipping charges prepaid. This guarantee strictly excludes any labor, freight, incidental, or consequential losses. Check the fit of all goods before custom painting or fabricating them (sanding, drilling, painting, chroming, etc.) McGaughys will not guarantee any goods that have been changed before being tested on the designated vehicle. If you are experiencing issues with your installation, contact technical support at (559) 226-8196 before making any changes.

Exclusive McGaughys 7" to 9" Adjustable Lift Kit for GM 1500 Series Silverado & Sierra Trucks. Adjustable Front Nitrogen Gas Struts are included in all kits. The McGaughys Pro Performance Strut has a lift range of 7", 8", or 9". You may wonder how they are able to do so. It's because McGaughys removes the crossmember and differential for the whole 7". Maintaining Your CV Axle Angles, Suspension Geometry, and Steering Geometry. Set to 7" and the truck will be completely level; set to 8" and the truck will be 1" higher than the rear; and set to 9" and the truck will be 2" higher than the rear. If you add the optional Add-A-Leaf Kit for an additional 1.5" lift in the rear, your truck will be level at the 9" setting. - Lower A Arm Support Rods, Tie Rods, Swaybar Drops, Sway Bar Extenders, Outer Tie Rods, Skidplate, Fabricated Lift Blocks, U-Bolts, Bumpstop Extenders, Brake Line Extenders, Rear Shocks, Hardware

This kit is 100% BOLT ON, however little drilling, welding, or trimming may be necessary. There will be no cutting or grinding on the front or rear differentials. There will be no exhaust re-routing. Spindles have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's faults. The lower A-Frame support rods are included in the lift kit to prevent the A-Frames from bending. For endurance and durability, the kit comes with a metallic silver powder coat. Parts are CNC shaped, machined, and laser cut from the finest grade materials, ensuring that every facet of quality is maintained. Spindles are CAD engineered to provide a flawless, exact fit during installation while adhering to stock alignment standards. Lower A-Frame support rods and compression struts provide additional support to keep the front and rear crossmembers from bending.

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