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Second Rule Meme Germs

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We decided in our last article that we would need six sets of plates, one for each test condition. Each test is also replicated six times. That means we'll need 36 plates. There is a no-bologna control and an undropped meat control. There is also bologna that is dumped on clean and unclean portions of the floor for five or fifty seconds. For the clean part, I gently cleaned off a floor tile with an ethanol-water combination. I spread coffee grounds, eggs, vegetable bits, and fruit cores onto a tile to make the nasty floor (definitely the best part). Then I cleaned the filth away so that the floor tile seemed clean.

Wiping down countertops and cleaning dishes should clear things up, right? That is true as long as you don't use a filthy cloth or sponge. That way, you'll wind up spreading more ick. Sponges take up germs if they are not properly cleansed. Microwave a wet one for 2 minutes every day and change it every 2 weeks. Use cloths, towels, and rags that can be washed or cleaned with bleach instead.

A FEW WEEKS AGO, I stumbled upon a new scientific report from Clemson University that struck me as both groundbreaking and amusing.

It's a rigorous microbiological study of the five-second rule, accompanied by six graphs, two tables, and equations whose terms include bologna and carpet, and it's accompanied by six graphs, two tables, and equations whose terms include bologna and carpet.

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