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Revenge Of The Nerds Happy Birthday Meme

Fans of Doctor Who will be glued to their televisions (or laptops) to watch the 50th anniversary special. An Adventure in Time and Space, a documentary on the show's origins, will be shown to Whovians. This year, Supreme Whovians have been listening to Toby Hadokes' (free!) podcasts on Big Finish. For better or worse, I belong to the latter sort of fandom. Toby's ambitious endeavor to share one tale from each Doctor Who episode culminated in one extremely moving podcast. Toby talks Waris Hussein on his involvement directing the first episode of Doctor Who in Whos Round #6. While working for the BBC in the early 1960s, Waris, a British-Indian, experienced what it was like to be an alien. Around 19 minutes into the podcast, he describes how three foreigners, the young Indian-born director, the young woman producer (Verity Lambert), and the Canadian head of drama (Sydney Newman), collaborated to lay the groundwork for a fifty-year-old British institution.

Tomorrow, June 20th, is John Goodman's birthday!

John Goodman was born in St. Louis, Missouri on June 20, 1952. During his school years, he participated in a variety of activities, including theater and football. Sports captivated his attention for a period when he was attending Southwest Missouri State University on a football scholarship. However, while at SMSU, he pursued his love in acting further by participating in the theatre department alongside classmates Kathleen Turner and Tess Harper. After a football injury terminated his career in 1975, he relocated to New York City to pursue a career as an actor. He spent the remainder of the 1970s and early 1980s waiting for his breakthrough role as Coach Harris in Revenge of the Nerds. Raising Arizona was quickly picked up by the Coen Brothers, and the rest is history.

Let's get started with our list of the top 300 greatest Facebook captions for profile images.

We've divided our best Facebook profile image captions into several categories based on what you want to achieve with the photo. These captions might be used for a variety of photographs, but for organizing reasons, we divided them into categories such as nerdy, lyrical, classy, and more.

There is even dispute on what should be covered on the second day. Medina and Shirley have said that they meant it to showcase the strange and quirky aspects of the Star Wars world. This fan-made film about a fight between Sith Lord Cuddlekittens and Sith Lord Cuddlekittens is an example of this. As one would expect. Others, however, argue that the goal of the second day is to honor the Dark Side, as well as Darth Vader and the franchise's antagonists.

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