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Red And White Gingham Nails

that although a tie-dye rainbow manicure may seem complex, it is really extremely simple to make. Mimi suggests first painting your nails white or off-white and letting them dry. After that, use a moist makeup sponge and choose three colors; she chose vibrant pastels. Dot each color onto the sponge, close together but not overlapping, and then lightly tap it over the white foundation color. Then, voila: instant rainbow nails.

Create an ombr look on your nails using blood red and maroon colours to achieve a seductive and passionate mood. The modest gradient not only offers a novel twist to your red nails but it also makes them seem more trendy and classy. Red and maroon ombr may blend with any nail shape, but it looks exceptionally beautiful on oval and almond-shaped nails. You may also place a few gems on the ring fingernails to add to its exquisite attractiveness. 8. Red Nails With Animal Prints Abstract

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