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Quackity My Beloved Gifs

When someone had a problem and asked @mkswt about it on Twitter, the problem was completely resolved and everyone lived happily ever after. Others didn't have any issues, but they still followed @mkswt on Twitter and learned about new templates before anybody else, providing them a competitive edge in the chaotic meme wars that enveloped the world in the early twenty-first century. In hindsight, the formation and fast rise of the Republic of Make Sweetistan was a natural result of this early advantage in the subsequent armaments race.

The Song of Ice and Fire is a Pre-Hardmode craftable item. Large instrument. It lets forth a molten-cored, freezing toot that inflicts the Frostburn and On Fire! debuffs on opponents that are struck. The Wind Timer will show below the player when held; the weapon's effects change depending on whether or not the timer is over a marker while attacking, as well as how long the rhythm has been maintained. It empowers when employed... From the website thoriummod.fandom.com

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