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Popeyes Chicken Rats Reddit

Hold your stomachs and take some Pepto because a viral video of a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen restaurant in Washington, D.C. packed with rats in its kitchen may induce you to vomit. A TikToker shared a video showing a horde of rats invading the fast-food business at 409 8th St. SE in D.C.'s Eastern Market, according to Fox5. Since the video went viral on social media, the health department has shut down the institution, alleging health code breaches, on Thursday.

The D.C. Department of Health was shocked by what its inspectors saw and closed the eatery on Thursday with a notice warning of an impending health hazard(s) to the public, according to the New York Post.

According to a spokeswoman for Popeyes, the restaurant has been temporarily shuttered while the owner of that store takes the necessary measures to rectify the situation.

As the film captures its ascension, a mouse climbs a wall. @blaqazzrick01 on TikTok In the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak, the Big Apple was placed No. 3 on the list of America's Rattiest Cities by pest management business Orkin only two months previously, in October 2020. Unfortunately, rodent rampages were still visible this summer, with outside eating apparently feeding rodents with alfresco feasts.

Remy is my son. When the humans are gone, they just utilize it as a test kitchen. Another user said, "Please don't dismiss Linguine, it's not his fault," referring to Disney's Ratatouille. Another Redditor added to the Ratatouille humor, adding, Remmy is just doing his best, people, cut them some slack!

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