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Pictures Of Red And White Lighthouses

courtesy page 9 of 22 Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Newport, Oregon, by Janet Abrahamson My husband and I woke up early on our vacation in Newport, Oregon, and went to Yaquina Head Light. We were the first and only people there, and the scenery was breathtaking. I like the hues of the environment, especially the golden grasses. The sky was a stunning midnight blue because a storm was approaching. Abrahamson, Janet Check out the 50 greatest beaches in the world to enjoy the beauty of beaches even more. Assateague Lighthouse, Chincoteague, Virginia, 10/22 Courtesy Eva Hickman/Country We've been visiting the Chincoteague National Species Refuge for the last 25 years, and it never fails to amaze us with its stunning landscape and abundance of wildlife. There are several hiking and bike paths, as well as a stunning lighthouse that is accessible for tours most weekends. Hickman, Eva Check out these beautiful rainbow photographs to brighten your day.

Surprisingly, since 1430, when monks placed a beacon on the clifftop, a light has alerted arriving mariners of the hazardous seas of Cape Espichel. However, the first true lighthouse was not completed until 1790. The white, 32-metre-high hexagonal tower is the main aspect of this charming and unusual building. The lighthouse, which is located at the extremity of the Setubal Peninsular in Portugal, overlooks a lot of wild and picturesque coastline that formerly terrified seafarers. Cape Espichel Lighthouse is unquestionably one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world, thanks to its dramatic surroundings and captivating design.

Since ancient times, the lighthouse has been a near-universal emblem of safety and direction, assisting seafarers in finding their way home. Although they are increasingly losing their use, they remain epic monuments of human creativity and perseverance. Because August 7th is National Lighthouse Day in the United States, we wanted to share some stunning lighthouse photos with our readers. Historically, ancient seafarers were often escorted home by bonfires placed on hilltops, which were then raised and developed into lighthouses. Because there were no physical ports back then, the blazes indicated the safest route to the coast. The constructions got higher and stronger as they went closer to the water. The majority of lighthouses that are still standing are wonders of practical and robust construction and engineering, capable of withstanding the worst that the waters have to give. While their guiding beams may soon cease to sweep over the coastal night sky, we may still enjoy the breathtaking images of lighthouses.

California's Battery Point Lighthouse On December 10, 1856, the Battery Point Lighthouse, also known as the Crescent City Lighthouse, was illuminated with oil lights for the first time. It is still in use today, assisting in private navigation. The lighthouse also features an on-site museum with genuine items and furnishings left behind by prior keepers and their family since the 1850s. Crescent City, California, USA, Battery Point Lighthouse, Lighthouse Way Wisconsin's Wind Point Lighthouse Wind Point Lighthouse, situated at the northern extremity of Racine Harbor, has been illuminating its tower since 1880. Orlando Metcalfe Poe, a former Civil Rights general, created it. It is one of the tallest lighthouses in the Great Lakes Region, at 108 feet tall. Wind Point Lighthouse is located at 4725 Lighthouse Dr in Racine, Wisconsin.

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