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Only You Far Cry Meme

The amusing weeping memes are much more fascinating than they seem. For the uninformed, it seems to be a melancholy Internet thing, but it most certainly isn't, unless you're on the receiving end. This meme is most often used to mock someone who is depressed or has just lost. When you've removed everything on your phone yet still receive the "storage nearly full" warning. Some phones may be really irritating at times. This is what happens when your phone's memory gets corrupted.

Far Cry 6 is one of the series' greatest games. While there are lots of action situations, there is also enough of comic material to work with. Far Cry 6 tries so hard to be serious, but in the end, it's just another Ubisoft bombastic release. Players may carry a portable rocket launcher on their backs, as well as a crocodile ally that can devour victims on command. Is it the kind of game that should be avoided when it comes to political issues?

Late individuals routinely send the same text messages, and ALL of their friends can predict that they will get that message at some time. A person who is often late usually sends texts like "sorry I woke up late" or "On my way" (only to show up an hour later), or "completely forgot what time it was— be there shortly." There are several signals that a late person gives that might make you giggle. For example, in the above picture, autocorrect may be annoying because it constantly transforms the word you want into something you don't, but in this instance, the entire "be there in a sec"— well, autocorrect may have been correct in this situation since it truly implies they might be there in a decade! They've probably seen those messages so many times that they simply appear every time you text. 13 Even if you discover a method to leave your home early, something will always go wrong.


On September 20th, Ubisoft released a promotional trailer for their new video game Far Cry 6 featuring Giancarlo Esposito, the actor who plays the game's villain Anton Castillo. In one scenario, Esposito approaches the player, asking, "Are you willing to die for your cause?" He quickly relieves the tension by smiling and stating, "I was acting," but then re-escalates by abruptly losing his grin and adding, "Or was I?" In three weeks, the film gained over 350,000 views on YouTube (shown below).

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