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Norse Thors Hammer Drawing

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Thor's Hammer (Old Norse Mjllnir, pronounced approximately MIOL-neer) is one of the most historically significant and well-known symbols in Norse mythology.

Thor was the unbreakable deity who defended Asgard, the heavenly fortress of the Aesir, the principal clan of gods and goddesses in Norse mythology. The giants, the forces of chaos, were often attempting to destroy Asgard and murder the Aesir, and it was Thor's responsibility to keep them from doing so.

Aside from being a miraculous procedure, forging Mjolnir was a very intense experience. In fact, the creation of Thor's hammer almost destroyed the planet. In the Marvel Comics, an explosion so enormous that it wiped off the dinosaurs on Earth occurred following the birth of Thor's hammer. Thor is defined by his hammer. He was a much weaker version of himself without her, and he had to learn to be humble in order to earn the right to wield the hammer. Mjolnir is responsible for Thor's power to call lightning, his ability to fly, and his armor.

Despite the frequent adoption of the Thor's Hammer emblem by white supremacists, the fact that it is an important symbol for non-racist Norse pagans means that it should never be assumed that the appearance of the Thor's Hammer alone signifies racism or white supremacy. Instead, the symbol should be carefully evaluated in the context in which it occurs.

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