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Motts Apple White Grape Juice

Mott's Original Apple Juice (100%) 100% pure juice. Absolutely delicious. Mott's juices are both tasty and healthy. Each 8 oz. glass contains two servings of fruit* for your family. Mott's is available in a number of sizes. For families on the run, 6.75 oz. cartons and 8 oz. bottles are available in family size.

Initially, I tried Mott's Apple White Grape Juice in 6.7oz cartons and had two bad encounters. They were leaking the first time they came, but they were replaced. They were worthless the second time they came, smelling strongly like insect spray. That's when I discovered Mott's Apple Apple White Grape Juice in 8 oz plastic bottles at our neighborhood grocery. They were exclusively available in 6-packs.

Product Information

Motts For Tots is a delicious juice beverage designed exclusively for toddlers that is favoured by pediatricians above normal juice. It contains Motts apple juice, delightful pure white grape tastes, filtered water, and 100% of the daily dose of Vitamin C. This 64 fl oz bottle has enough to sip and share, making it ideal for filling your tots' little bottles and cups. It includes 40% less sugar than Motts 100% apple juice and no artificial sweeteners. Give your kids the familiar flavor of Motts For Tots.

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