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The Cox Contour TV Preferred package offers a good selection of prominent cable networks, even if the 140+ channel count is a little deceiving (more on that in a minute). If you need more channels (which is probable), we suggest Contour TV Preferred Plus, which provides 170+ channels, including premium channels like CINEMAX, HBO Max, SHOWTIME, and STARZ. Unfortunately, Cox does not feature Contour TV Preferred Plus in its bundles, but if you want to connect your TV with internet service, there are a variety of Cox bundles to pick from.

Cox Internet Starter 25 Plan: Ideal for Newbies and Light Internet Users

For seniors who use the internet for a few hours each week, we suggest the Cox Internet Starter 25 Plan. This plan is ideal for first-time internet users who wish to send emails or post holiday photos to Facebook. With a one-year commitment, this plan begins at $29.99 a month for the first 12 months. It's ideal for folks who like simple internet activities like light web surfing, emailing, and social networking, with download rates of up to 25 Mbps.

Google Maps Information Google Maps is a digital mapping service that was created by Google. It provides satellite images, aerial photography, street maps, 360 interactive panoramic street views (Street View), real-time traffic conditions, and route planning for going by foot, vehicle, bicycle, and air (in beta), as well as public transit. Google Maps was utilized by approximately 1 billion people per month in 2020. What exactly does Google Maps do? Customized maps and street view pictures provide the actual world to your users. The planet is covered by 1.99 percent of the time. Created with accurate, complete data for over 200 nations and territories. 2.25 million updates each day You can rely on up-to-the-minute location information. 3.1 billion active monthly users Scale with confidence, knowing that our infrastructure will support you. What can people get out of Google Maps? 1. Make your maps unique. Custom markers, lines, colors, polygons, and pictures may be added to your maps. Allow users to build and share their own personalized maps, as well as zoom, pinch, rotate, and tilt to explore maps in more depth. Custom colors and components may be used to emphasize your retail locations. Alternatively, you may personalize a virtual cycling course powered by Street View by adding unique markers, overlays, and images.

It's evident that cable companies are still concerned that offering popular programs on streaming could hurt their primary business: cable subscriptions. However, they do not want to be left behind in the ever-changing streaming scene. If these initiatives are successful, we should see more appealing streaming offers from cable companies in the future. Recommendations from the Editors

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