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This album isn't bad. It's not Donda, Nothing Was the Same, or MBDTF, but it's not terrible either. Aside from that, stop behaving like Swifties on Twitter, spamming her latest nonsense. It's humiliating. Yes, Donda is great. Yes, there is a quarrel with Drake. That doesn't mean we have to put our life, listening habits, and other interests on hold in order to get the record reach number one. Guys, act adult. Do not do this; instead, enjoy the music.

When voice queries are made via Amazon's Alexa, each DSP independently directs which albums, songs, and playlists are surfaced. When contacted for response, Apple claimed that the problem was caused by its technology. Google had not responded to Billboard's request for comment at the time of publication. According to accessible information on the music data provider Chartmetric, a basic text search of albums named Certified Lover Boy on Spotify yields hundreds of hits, many of which seem to have been posted to Spotify in the year after the album title was initially published in August 2020. To provide one example, the BenKeys Music Certified Lover Boy Instrumentals CD seems to have been live on the site since May of this year.

You Only Live Twice is Drake's follow-up to his 2011 smash single The Motto, which popularized the phrase YOLO (you only live once). The winner here is Lil Wayne, who also worked on the original. His poetry is more adaptable and moving. Rappers, on the other hand, may and should now come up with non-dehumanizing songs for women, in my opinion. It's not enjoyable to talk about their body! 5th entry We receive a lot of grief, yelling, and not a lot of relatability.

Certified Lover Boy arrives eight months after its initial release date, capping off an uncharacteristically quiet period for the prolific Drake. Yes, he has lately done guest appearances and released a lockdown mixtape last year, but he seemed to be delaying addressing the question asked on his epic-length, smash-packed 2018 album, Scorpion: Is there more? Scorpions tracks battled against the deadbeat claim with joyous singles and energetic rhymes, and the album came shrouded in mystery when a Pusha T dis track rightly accused Drake of having a kid out of wedlock. Anxieties about a possible career downturn littered his lyrics, but Drakes quality level stayed high enough, his personal drama remained complex enough, and his musical arsenal remained new enough (see the sweet New Orleans bounce of Nice for What?) for him to claim a five-album winning streak. Pusha T, Drake, and the Limits of Rap Battle

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