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Kriss Vector 9Mm Carbine Alpine White

Alpine White Kriss Vector CRB Rifle 9mm barrel with adjustable stock The KRISS Vector CRB is the most generally available model, with a rifle length barrel and 47 state compliance. The Vector CRB is an excellent option for both leisure and competitive usage in pistol caliber carbine competitions. The CRB, like other KRISS Vector weapons, is fed by full size Glock magazines, providing for a variety of big capacity alternatives. The Super V System, a nonlinear, multilink blowback system meant to channel recoil energy down, lies at the core of the Vector CRB. The Super V System, in combination with the low bore axis, reduces muzzle rise and perceived recoil.

After adding the item to your shopping basket and checking out, you will get an email with your purchase number and additional instructions. We will check the FFL license and notify the FFL Dealer that an order from Cheaper Than Dirt! is on its way. Most orders are completed within 2-3 business days after we receive and verify the information from the FFL Dealer. Your weapon will arrive at the FFL Dealer within 3-7 business days after it has been shipped. The shipment will be processed by the FFL Dealer. It may take another day or two before the FFL Dealer is ready to transfer the handgun to you. Set up an appointment with the FFL Dealer to confirm that the weapon is ready to be transferred. Before completing the transfer, it is critical to properly check your handgun. Cheaper Than Dirt! will not accept a refund or exchange after the weapon has been transferred into your name. If a flaw is detected after the transfer is complete, you must contact the manufacturer directly for repair or replacement.

The KRISS Super V Recoil Mitigation System is enhanced by an incredibly low bore axis, which aligns the barrel with the user's arm. This enables the user's body to collaborate with the KRISS Super V System to achieve maximum control. The KRISS Vector is intended to employ the dependable and widely available regular Glock magazines. Allowing you to use the same equipment and making it simple to integrate into any system or loadout.

Shipping timeframes are estimated on the product detail page under the heading "Ships On Or Before:" Please keep in mind that all lead-times are estimations. We normally send things in our warehouse within 3 business days. Items that are only accessible via distribution or other sources may take up to 10 business days to ship. The wait time for products only available from the manufacturer may be a few weeks or more, depending on availability. Please keep in mind that certain things are unique, difficult to get, or one-of-a-kind, thus Impact retains the right to cancel your purchase if an item is not available for shipment.

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