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José David Díaz Ramos

Political activity [editorial] Jos Daz was born on May 3, 1895, in Sevilla. Panadero de profesin desde los ocho aos, a los 18 entra en La Aurora, el sindicato de los panaderos sevillanos, que poco despues adhiri la anarquista Confederacin Nacional del Trabajo. In 1917, I led a pan-worker strike, and in 1920, I took part in a nationwide strike called by the CNT's leadership, which ended in failure. Following the September 13, 1923 coup that established a military dictatorship in Spain, Jos Daz continues his unionized clandestine work. He was arrested in Madrid in 1925. In September 1927, he joined the Communist Party of Spain, which was already out of power, along with many of the leaders of the Sevillan anarchism.

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