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I Think I Can Train Meme

When Sam Themer boarded the train in drag last weekred wig, turquoise dress, make-up-covered facehe had no idea that he would be photographed as he went from Queens to a drag queen concert in Manhattan, sitting next to a lady wearing a niqab. The photograph of Themer and his seatmate was shared to the popular subwaycreatures account the following day, with a congratulatory message about diversity in New York City, and had received thousands of likes. A week later, it was taken for ridicule and scorn by the alt-right on 4chan's politically incorrect /pol/ News Network message board, then tweeted by the same account with the description, This is the future liberals desire.

I've made it my personal objective to help as many youngsters as possible in their educational journeys. I believe I can do this by utilizing my advanced education to educate and assist teachers in implementing best practices in technology in the classroom. I believe that many pupils associate school with feelings of boredom, which is a big disservice to our children. As we have been reading and discussing, there are several ways to incorporate technology into the classroom, as well as an almost unlimited number of methods to make a classroom more dynamic for our students. Many nations cannot give education to their children in the same way that we can. I believe that many of the pupils we educate take use of the resources available to them. I believe that by demonstrating to our children all of the opportunities that their education may provide them, they will have a stronger respect for their own educational path. Teachers may use technology to involve their pupils in their own education.

Though making fun of someone for being an idiot might be harsh, the stupid memes that abound online are really rather amusing. In fact, some may argue that they are among the funniest memes available today. And, thankfully, whether you're an idiot or not, you should find them amusing. So, to demonstrate how amusing some of these memes are, we've compiled a list. It's a compilation of the ten finest stupid memes we could discover, and we're confident you'll like it!

When a train breaks down, the toys it is transporting may not make it over the mountain in time for the boys and girls. Every rail engine, large and little, passes it until the smallest volunteers to assist. I believe I can, I think I can, says the Little Blue Engine as it begins its almost impossible climb up the mountain. Philosophical Discussion Guidelines

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