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I Love Lucy Friday Meme

4 'HERE I AM WITH ALL THIS TALENT BOTTLED UP WITHIN ME AND YOU'RE ALWAYS SITTING ON THE CORK' In "The Ballet," Lucy discovers Ricky is in dire need of a dancer for his play. Lucy, who is always striving for popularity, starts taking ballet classes in order to be his ideal girl. She is given the opportunity to perform, but her act falls short of Ricky's.

I Love Lucy, starring real-life pair Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, was a comedy pioneer, altering the course of TV history while having viewers laugh their pants off. It was the first program to be produced in front of a live studio audience and to use a three-camera setup, with Season One premiering in 1951. Lucille Ball defied societal conventions by playing a pregnant lady while pregnant. Lucy and Ricky were also the first interracial TV pair, and Desilu Productions went on to establish the contemporary comedy in many ways. The program is still one of the funniest of all time, with an estimated 40 million viewers each year, which is why there are so many memes and gifs to enjoy. 1 out of 30

However, there were several jewels in the first season, such as this one: Pioneer Women. The females wager the lads that they can live longer if they live like it's 1900 and have no contemporary amenities. This includes making your own bread. Lucy misreads the cookbooks and thinks it says 13 yeast cakes instead of THREE. When she returns after churning butter with Ethel, the dough has swollen to ridiculous proportions. My favorite line is when Lucy exclaims, "It's a happy little loaf, isn't it?" while kneading the expanding pile of dough.

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