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I Have Some Questions Meme

It's difficult to keep track of the endless amount of memes that exist on the internet. Just when you think you've figured out the meaning of one humorous meme, it's outdated and replaced with another as perplexing. The bulk of meme infections are caused by online forums such as Tumblr, Twitter, 4chan, and Reddit, and with frequent posting and sharing, tracing the origin of an original meme is easier said than done. Stacker scoured the internet, pop culture periodicals, and databases like Know Your Meme for 50 distinct memes and their meanings. While the virtually self-replicating nature of these ambiguous symbols might get tiresome, memes, at their core, can also bring people closer togetheras long as they have internet connection. You may also be interested in: What "woke" and 50 other millennial catchphrases imply

My mind is filled with fuck. is a rather ancient expression used to convey the most intense moral agony in reaction to something terribly boring. For a long time, the term was used alone, but then the pictorial content appeared. This meme is known as WTF, What? ..., What Is This I Dont Even, Lolwut, or Facepalm, the meaning stays unaltered, and the meme retains top position among the most emotive pictorial responses to idiocy. There were several MBIFOF memes, beginning with a picture of an ancient statue (one of the Oxford University Gargoyles) uploaded on MyConfinedSpace by a user known as TikiGod. That occurred in 2008, but the picture of Jackie Chan with his hands in the air became viral in 2009, after DarkSky Forever uploaded it on MemeDepot. The photo with the renowned actor's origin is still unknown, and no one knows where it came from. One theory claims it is a screenshot from a conference, while another claims it is from an interview but is not from a film.

2020 has already brought new and sometimes terrible memes, which isn't entirely unexpected considering how many of us are glued to our devices while socially distant. Not all of these new memes are related to our contemporary world. The "I have a joke" trend burst on Twitter in recent days, adding some comedy to our odd year. It's a self-explanatory meme, similar to a knock-knock joke. Twitter users claim to have a joke on a given issue and then express it in a tongue-in-cheek or punny manner. Given recent circumstances, we all need some good humor, which might explain why the meme has gone popular. Here are some excellent examples:

Jonathan Frakes, the eternally memeable, is back, and this time he has some questions for you.

Frakes is most recognized for his role as Commander William Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation, which generated the most (and sexiest) memes, but he also hosted the series Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction from 1998 to 2002. Each edition of the program included Frakes telling absurd stories to the audience, some of which were genuine and some of which were not. It was up to the audience to figure out which was which until Frakes disclosed which at the conclusion of the episode.

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