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How To Wake Someone Up When Their Phone Is On Silent Iphone

DearMob iPhone Manager may be downloaded and installed on your PC or Mac. Connect the iPhone to your computer after running the software. When the device has been successfully connected, choose the Voice option. From the left sidebar, choose Ringtone. Get the silent ringtone for your PC. In DearMob, click Add Ringtone and choose the ringtone file you just downloaded. Select Continue after pressing the Sync button in the bottom right corner. (Note: The unregistered version of DearMob provides 100 credit points per day for free usage, and transferring a ringtone costs 10 credit points.) When the procedure is finished, you may remove the iPhone from your computer. On your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone to confirm. Search for the Silence tone in the Ringtones area.

So, first and foremost, there is an issue. I used to have a Blackberry and could toggle things on/off/silently, but with the iPhone it seems to be all or nothing. I operate a small business, therefore I need to be reachable if anything goes wrong while I'm asleep. My previous method was to silence everything except phone calls, which would play a loud ringtone to wake me up. Except for work-related calls, I don't receive many phone calls, therefore this worked wonderfully. The question is, can I do anything similar on the iPhone? Even if there was an app that could make a noise and alert me when someone needed anything. Based on this StackOverflow question, I know it's doable, but is there anything out there that can assist me short of developing my own app?

Once you're confident that your phone number has been banned, you may wish to follow the advice in this article: How to Call Someone Who Has Blocked Your iPhone Number. Please be advised that calling someone who does not want to accept your calls may result in legal consequences.

If you have the MightyText Pro app, you may enable the Priority Ringer function, which allows individuals you trust to contact you even while your handset is in quiet mode. All you have to do is provide your contact with a unique keyword that they will use to contact you. Call My Droid

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