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Hardie Board Siding Arctic White

Don't squander your money on James Hardie touch-up paint. The coverage is poor, and the applicators are inept. We were quite dissatisfied. We actually bought it twice from the same vendor since it was the only seller on Amazon carrying the product throughout this self-quarantine COVID event, and we were in the process of rebuilding our siding when Safe at Home began. I know nothing about the vendor, Colonial Handsplits, save that it took over two weeks to get the merchandise.

It all depends. MyPerfectColor is similar to the hue of James Hardie Arctic White but does not have the same shine. If Custom Sheen is included as a sheen option, it signifies that we also match the sheen of the material; otherwise, you must choose the closest sheen available. Keep in mind, however, that our James Hardie Arctic White is based on matching a genuine James Hardie color sample. The hue and shine of your particular James Hardie pieces may vary. If your material is not brand new and has been exposed to the elements, the color will most likely have altered over time. MyPerfectColor samples have not been exposed to sunlight or the elements. If you want a touch-up treatment, you may need to give us a portion so that we can perfectly match the existing color and gloss of your unique materials. Get more information about our color matching service.

The owners of this lovely Colonial house wanted to modernize their original wood siding. Woodpeckers were causing a commotion by tearing holes in the siding! Our homeowners wanted to investigate their choices for a long-lasting siding material that would also enhance their curb appeal. After consulting with our Project Consultant, they decided on James Hardie Fiber Cement siding. It is long-lasting and resilient, not to mention nearly maintenance-free! They chose Board and Batten vertical siding for the front elevation of the house, which is quite fashionable right now. James Hardies horizontal lap siding was to be used on the remaining sides of the house. All siding and trim would be white, with new black gutters.

James Hardie siding color Artic White is popular. Arctic White works well as a traditional body color or as a sharp contrast to a bolder James Hardie siding body color. Arctic White is chosen by clients to refresh their house with timeless beauty and polish. Arctic White communicates a range of emotions, from subtle elegance to cutting-edge futuristic. Arctic White is a contemporary Minnesota siding staple that never goes out of style. What colors complement Arctic White?

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