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Hamster Water Bottle Meme

Inside the refill cap is a lovely rubber gasket that seems to be quite sturdy and functions well. It adheres fairly firmly and quickly. The metal watering tube is long enough to reach deep enough into the cage to moisten the critter's whistle. Water will not just leak from the tube because the metal ball is precisely fitted in the end of the tube. To enable water to flow, the creature must move the ball using their lips or tongue. I was relieved that it did not spill.

Who wouldn't want a pet that doesn't need continual attention? Or does jogging on a wheel provide enough exercise? What about one who doesn't eat a lot every day? As an added plus, hamsters do not need your assistance in grooming. They enjoy it as much if you leave them alone. These small critters seldom come with suitable care instructions. While they are tough, it doesn't imply you can neglect them and expect them to take care of themselves.

This product's concept is fantastic. A two-in-one system seems clever, but it is a poor product. The whole stand and water bottle keep falling over, spilling the food and leaving the water bottle inaccessible. My hedgehog got trapped in the small slot where you place the food dish and mutilated her face attempting to break free, leaving her blind in one eye. It is NOT robust, but the value for money is probably excellent since it is both inexpensive and poorly manufactured. Definitely not heavy. It doesn't hold up very well at all. Save your money and go somewhere else since this isn't worth it.

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